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    A global real estate powerhouse

    Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World

    Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®

    If we are talking about global reach, no other real estate organization compares to Leading Real Estate Companies of the World ® (LeadingRE). With 565 member companies in more than 70 countries, LeadingRE continues to bring leading companies in quality markets to destinations around the world. In fact, the network has captured more global companies this first half of 2018 than it did in all of 2017.

    Strong growth since 2016

    Global growth has been a driving force for LeadingRE since 2006, when the U.S.-based network added its first European members. This was a major priority for recently retired President/CEO Pam O’Connor, and is central to the vision of LeadingRE’s current President/CEO Paul Boomsma, who was previously the network’s chief operating officer as well as president of the company’s luxury division, Luxury Portfolio International®.

    “Our model is unique because we connect local market leaders with a common vision and extend their reach to six continents, giving them the ability to deliver the best services to an elite clientele on a global basis,” Boomsma says. “As foreign investment continues to increase in many markets, these connections are increasingly important, as illustrated by the fact that our members made referrals in over 100 countries last year. ” – Paul BOOMSMA

    A strategy in the high-end market

    This broad coverage is especially crucial in the high-end market. Wealthy sellers want to be sure that their properties are marketed by targeting potential buyers around the world. For buyers, the value of working with professional real estate agents who are open to globalization and connected with the entire globe is equally important, especially for those seeking international properties.

    To help its members strategically engage and satisfy its affluent consumers, LeadingRE’s Luxury Portfolio program enables a powerful presence in the high-end market. The cornerstone of the program is its award-winning website,, which marketed over 50,000 properties valued at $1 million last year. Innovative since its inception, the site has listed properties around the world, in multiple languages and currencies for more than a decade.

    Luxury Portfolio stays in tune with the trends of wealthy consumers -identifying their priorities, where they spend their money, and how agents can best connect with them. This information ensures that Luxury Portfolio is effectively serving the interests of its wealthy international clientele.
    For example, its LuxeTrends® newsletter is written with its target audience in mind, covering the latest in real estate trends, interior furnishings, design concepts, luxury destinations and more. Its tactical use of retargeting ensures that online advertising reaches its intended audience. In addition, all of our online marketing is designed with the mobile consumer in mind, taking into account that a majority of consumer interactions take place on mobile devices.

    In addition to its Luxury Portfolio, Leading RE continues to invest in other cutting-edge tools in the form of training and resources for its members. Its online training portal was ranked #1 on Training magazine’s Top 125 Training 2018, which lists organizations with the best learning and development programs in the world. A variety of technology initiatives provide us with performance and other benefits. These events, including the upcoming Global Symposium in Barcelona, Spain, give members the opportunity to strengthen their relationships with top real estate professionals from key markets.

    Please note that the Global Symposium is the only event of its kind in the U.S.

    According to Paul Boomsma, President & CEO, these and other resources are designed to help members provide the best offering to consumers. “If you talk about our core business, we are by definition a community of highly productive, quality-focused companies – and. From there, we provide the global capabilities and resources that help them become even stronger in their local markets. Together, these companies are a global real estate powerhouse like no other. “

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