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    Augmented reality

    In the service of Real Estate

    Introduction to augmented reality

    Augmented reality refers to computer systems that make it possible to superimpose a 2D or 3D virtual model or objects on our natural perception of reality and this in real time. The technology inserts computer-generated images onto real-world images using a mobile phone camera or special video glasses. Thus, the CGI images are superimposed with the real world images.

    New tool for real estate projects

    We knew how much the internet has already changed the way we sell a real estate project. Now reality is the new evolution. Still unknown to the general public, augmented reality technology arouses curiosity and produces the “Wow!” effect when used for the first time. This technology allows the user (general public, investors, planners, etc.) to get a concrete idea of a real estate project by visualizing and visiting real estate developments. Modeling by floor, 360° view, spatial representation of buildings, aerial view of neighborhoods and even visit the inside of apartments are all advantages that augmented reality offers. A real fun and informative tool, the user can continue to explore the future building when he or she returns home with his or her family. A way to feel a little bit faster at home!

    Large Nature

    Even more useful for illustrating large projects and future neighborhoods of several hundred apartments, this technology allows you to navigate the alleys, from building to building in order to take ownership of the place, to understand the articulations between the buildings. Comptoir Immobilier has developed an application for its Cour de Gare project in Sion (see opposite) for smartphones and tablets that transforms a plan printed on paper into an animated 3D representation. The technology goes even further, since once on site, the Smartphone allows to see the impact of the buildings in real size. This is one of the first times this technology has been used in Switzerland. The scale of the Cour de Gare project justifies this application. It is available for Android and IOS platforms. The one for the Communaux d’Ambilly project in Thônex (a new district of 670 housing units, shops and offices spread over six buildings) has been available since early 2017.

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