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    Comptoir Immobilier

    CI CONSULTING Department

    It is because a real estate asset deserves the greatest attention that our company has decided to create the CI CONSEILS department. Our philosophy is built around essential values that are so many bricks conscientiously laid next to each other. It is about attitude, listening, leadership, constantly updated skills, a work structure that is tailor-made and constantly improved. We talk about goals, whether they be excellence, quality or sustainability. You will understand it when you come into contact with us, it is because we are passionate that we invest our energy in your success.

    Who are we?

    CI CONSEILS, previously named “Etudes & Développements” is a department of Comptoir Immobilier SA, headed since its creation in 2006 by Yannos Ioannides, member of the General Management and EPFL architect. This department is made up of ten employees with varied backgrounds and training, enabling it to offer cutting-edge skills in the management of real estate operations. Backed by Comptoir Immobilier SA, a real estate company active since 1825 in Geneva and since 2000 in the cantons of Vaud and Valais, CI CONSEILS benefits from a solid experience and knowledge of the real estate market in all the French-speaking cantons.

    Clients and sectors of intervention

    We intervene on behalf of authorities, institutions or private project owners. Active in all sectors (commercial, industrial, housing, administrative, hospital, etc.) and with the benefit of experience in the management of major and complex operations, CI CONSEILS is “result” oriented and operates as a partner with a single objective: the satisfaction of our clients.

    ISO 9001 certification

    Having powerful tools for monitoring projects, CI CONSEILS is certified ISO 9001 since 2014.


    • Strategic consulting, expertise, market research
    • Organization of competitions
    • Operations management and project management assistance
    • .


    “Architecture begins when two bricks are carefully put together. ” – Mies Van Der Rohe

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