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    Assets and strengths

    When you turn to a professional broker for the sale of your property, you will be guaranteed quality services. Because selling or buying a property is not trivial: it is often the project of a lifetime. However, this decision can be a source of anxiety, or even deep stress. It is therefore advisable to rely on the experience of a qualified broker. He will offer you a tailor-made support, from the sale to the signature at the notary.


    A sale at the right price and in the shortest time

    Whether he is in charge of the sale of an apartment, a villa or a building, a professional broker carries out multiple tasks at the same time: Estimation of the object, putting together the file, valuing the property, visits, negotiations, contacts with the notary, etc. A qualified broker does not just enter data into a software program. He goes on site to examine the property in question, so that no parameter (nuisance, view, hidden defects, condition of the property, etc.) escapes him. On the basis of his observations and detached from emotional aspects, the broker will refine the estimation amount.

    In addition, this real estate expert develops the most appropriate marketing strategy using plans, photographs and presentation texts. He takes care of the integration of the property on the real estate platforms of its partner networks and the specialized written media. A set of extremely time-consuming activities for the owner who would like to do it himself!


    Full service for sale or purchase

    In addition, the broker has a thorough knowledge of the local real estate market; the legal, juridical and fiscal framework of his region is familiar to him. Finally, he masters the energy and technical aspects: skills that prove necessary in many situations. This range of services is certainly not unique to digital offers. The latter are based on flat rates that are generally due, whether or not the transaction is concluded. The estimates and steps of the sale are often performed by the owner himself, who thus improvises himself as a broker.

    Note that a statistical study showed that using an experienced broker was beneficial to the seller. In fact, a professional broker gets significantly higher sale prices. For the owner, it is therefore preferable to pay a brokerage commission that includes quality services, and ultimately receive a higher amount!


    Human qualities rather than robots

    The broker develops a personalized relationship, both with the seller and the future buyer. An emotional part enters the selling and buying process, which the broker will know how to soothe by listening and advising. A good sense of negotiation and communication are also essential. The sale or purchase of a house or an apartment is not a simple transaction that can be managed with a few clicks on the computer. By providing reliable information, the broker will be able to be reassuring throughout the process.



    Real estate is a personal journey. There are no standard solutions, as each sale is unique. That’s why CI Sales puts its know-how at your service to accompany you through every step of your project.

    Clients who turn to CI|VENTES can rely on the vast portfolio (properties and buyers) of the teams spread across the ten Swiss-French agencies. They also benefit from the influence of national (Partner Brokers) and international (Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, EREN, Who’s who in Luxury Real Estate) networks specific to CI|VENTES.

    If the owner wishes, his property can be visible on the windows of the six main French-speaking advertising agencies and also internationally.

    Although Comptoir Immobilier relies on new technologies – such as virtual visits to get a first idea of the property – the broker’s advice remains essential.

    In addition, CI|VENTES facilitates all the procedures with your bank, the Planning Office, the Land Registry and/or the notary.

    The broker is paid only if the sale is concluded. A written contract clearly stipulates the brokerage rate and the services included. In addition, an activity report is regularly sent to the client.

    Put all the chances on your side to succeed in the sale of your property!


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