Terms & Conditions

1. General

The Contract applies to the Comptoir Immobilier website. By using the “Submit a property” form, the User declares acceptance of all provisions of the Contract and undertakes to comply with them.

The “Submit a property” form involves the transfer of information by the User to Comptoir Immobilier for the purpose of selling a property owned by a third party through Comptoir Immobilier.

Once transmitted by the User via the “Submit a property” form, each piece of information is treated and analyzed confidentially by Comptoir Immobilier, including by one of its agencies.

The User will be expressly informed by Comptoir Immobilier of the acceptance of their information. Comptoir Immobilier is free to accept or reject the information received from the User without the latter having any right to approval; Comptoir Immobilier rejects them, in particular, when the User is not the first to communicate them. The User may be entitled to a commission according to the rules and conditions in paragraphs 2 and 3 below.

2. Terms of use

By completing the “Submit a property” form, the User confirms that the following conditions have been met:
2.1. The User accepts the Swiss jurisdiction.
2.2. The User is of legal age and capable of judgement.
2.3. The User has a Swiss bank account.
2.4. The User is not an employee of Comptoir Immobilier.
2.5. The User is not the owner, co-owner or holder of a real right on the property for which it transfers information via the form “submit a property”.

Comptoir Immobilier reserves the right to refuse any User and any information transmitted via the Form “submit a property” without giving any particular reason and at any time.

3. Commissioning

For Validated Information, subject to confirmation by Comptoir Immobilier and provided that the User has complied with all the provisions of the Contract, the User may claim payment of a commission in the following cases and under the following conditions:

3.1. When the Validated Information transmitted by the User via the “submit a property” form has led to the conclusion and signature of a mandate to sell between Comptoir Immobilier and the owner of the property which is the subject of the Validated Information transmitted by the User via the “submit a property” form, provided that no more than 6 months have elapsed between the transfer of the Validated Information via the “submit a property” form and the date of signature of the mandate to sell, the commission is CHF 200.

3.2. When the Validated Information sent by the User via the “propose a property” Form results in the sale by Comptoir Immobilier of the property under a sales mandate with Comptoir Immobilier, provided that no more than 18 months have elapsed between the date of signature of the sales mandate in accordance with section 3.1 above and the sale of the property.

  • The commission is CHF 1,000 if the amount of the sale of the property is less than CHF 2,000,000.
  • The commission is CHF 2,000 if the amount of the sale of the property is between CHF 2,000,001 and CHF 5,000,000.
  • The commission is CHF 3,000 if the property is sold for more than CHF 5,000,000.
  • The commission is CHF 5,000 if the sale price of the property exceeds CHF 10,000,001.

The commission is only payable if and when Comptoir Immobilier receives its commission on the sale in question.

Each commission is subject to any deductions of amounts to be deducted or withheld in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, whether for social insurance (in particular AVS, AI, AC, APG), insurance, VAT or taxes. This Agreement refers to gross commission amounts.
In the event of entitlement to a commission, the User undertakes to provide all the documents required for registration of his/her data and all information useful or necessary for the payment of any commissions, including the bank details of a Swiss bank account held by the User.

4. Information transmitted

The User undertakes to transmit accurate information which he/she possesses, or which he/she can assume to be accurate, and not to transmit via the “submit a property” form any information obtained illegally (in particular by illegal eavesdropping or in violation of a secret or a contract).
If inaccurate information is deliberately transmitted, the User loses the right to commission.
The User agrees not to transmit photos of persons without their written permission.
Comptoir Immobilier undertakes to reserve this information for internal use. Comptoir Immobilier guarantees however that the companies it has appointed ensure the protection and security of data as it does itself.

5. Liability

The liability of Comptoir Immobilier is limited to gross negligence or wilful misconduct. If the User does not meet its obligation of care in securing its data, Comptoir Immobilier disclaims any liability for damages that may be caused following the loss of data it has not protected.
In addition, Comptoir Immobilier can not be held liable if, for a reason beyond its control, the Form “offer a property” was partially or totally inaccessible, unavailable, interrupted or poor quality. In particular, Comptoir Immobilier cannot be held responsible for any act or omission of a third party involved in any way whatsoever in the provision of the “propose a property” form.
The User is liable for any breach of the Contract, including for claims by third parties arising therefrom. The User is liable to the persons who are the subject of information transmitted via the “offer a property” form. If legal action is taken against Comptoir Immobilier, the User releases Comptoir Immobilier from all liability.

6. Support, modifying and stopping the “submit a property” form

Comptoir Immobilier may at any time and without prior notice modify the “submit a property” form, integrate new third-party services or withdraw them, or discontinue the “submit a property” form entirely. Changes are announced in an appropriate form.
The User acknowledges that Comptoir Immobilier is under no obligation to provide support services or to update the “submit a property” form.

7. Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

For any question or dispute relating to this “submit a property” form, The place of jurisdiction is Geneva, subject to other compulsory places of jurisdiction.