We all know someone who wants to sell their property

Anyone can become a broker!

The broker is a person (commercial or non-commercial) who brings together a potential client with a seller or a business, for a commission or fixed payment.

Fill in the following form by giving us as much information as possible about the property which you know is for sale, and a Comptoir Immobilier broker will get in touch with you.

Your commission:

Receive CHF 200 for every signed contract

And if the contract ends in a sale, you will receive a commission of:

CHF 1,000 if the sale price is under CHF 2,000,000
CHF 2,000 if the sale price is between CHF 2,000,001 and CHF 5,000,000
CHF 3,000 if the sale price is between CHF 5,000,001 and CHF 10,000,000
CHF 5,000 if the sale price is over CHF 10,000,001

See the general conditions here.

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