Ref : Cour de gare

Sion is undergoing momentous change as it looks towards the future, and the building of a new neighbourhood, Cour de Gare, is fully part of this transformation. This new urban centre will be a key neighbourhood, functioning as a link between the old town and new, developing to the south of the municipality’s railway lines.

A new place to live

Shops, offices, housing, a hotel, a concert hall and a conference centre, the Cour de Gare development will sustainably change the face of Sion. A multifunctional project, just a short distance from the station, it will contribute to the overall attractiveness of the town and the renewal of an area which has strong development potential.

Meeting new needs

Managed by the authorities, Cour de Gare also meets specific needs, such as those which will emerge from the modernisation of the south of the town. This new complex will complete the current commercial offering and encourage new businesses while reinforcing hotel capacity and the town’s cultural programme.

An outstanding location

Ideally located in the centre of the transport network, Cour de Gare enjoys all the advantages of being centrally located. The site also enjoys a transition role between two urban spaces thanks to the building of a walkway above the railway lines, linking this new neighbourhood with the Hautes Ecoles neighbourhood opposite.


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