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Since 2020, Comptoir Immobilier Group has actively supported OneAction in its international project of qualitative reforestation using nutritious and oxalogenic tree species. The goal is to plant 100,000 trees in two regions heavily affected by climate change: Tamil Nadu, India, and the Samburu and Kajiado counties in Kenya.

Since late 2021, the mobile reforestation team has traveled through 22 villages in Samburu County, providing training and planting activities. Nearly 10,000 trees of around fifteen different indigenous species have been planted with the local residents, and over 65 water conservation installations have been set up to improve water access.

In India, a truck has been transformed to accommodate a dormitory for the reforestation team, water tanks, planting tools, and hundreds of seedlings. A nursery has been developed to house more than 10,000 seedlings. Training and plantations will commence in the Virudhunagar region by the end of 2022.


The city of Geneva and the NGO OneAction also provide comprehensive and customized support to landowners to plant trees on their property in the city of Geneva. Committed to sustainable development, Comptoir Immobilier Group supports this project named by OneAction as ‘GATHERED UNDER THE CANOPY.’

According to a report from MétéoSuisse dated 2018, without climate protection measures, summer temperatures in Switzerland could increase by an average of 4.4°C by 2060 compared to the reference period of 1981-2010. Trees, by capturing emitted CO2, play a crucial role in the fight against climate change. “We are witnessing an awareness of the climate urgency, especially from companies that want to get more involved,” notes Saskia Petit, project director at OneAction. “Our project arose from an observation – the lack of trees in Geneva compared to the expected impact – and from the City of Geneva’s desire to increase the canopy from 21 to 30% to combat heat islands.”

However, public space for tree planting in the city is limited due to wiring and pipelines. OneAction expresses the wish to involve landowners in tree planting and collaborates with the Green Spaces Service of the City of Geneva (SEVE) to explore possibilities for public-private partnerships. “The common project,” summarizes Saskia Petit, “aims to bring together actors from different sectors, including private companies, to work together towards common goals of increasing the canopy rate, allowing for an improvement in the living conditions of the urban population.”

Landowners are supported technically and financially throughout the process, from feasibility analysis to monitoring tree maintenance for three years. During this period, the financial burden associated with planting and maintenance is covered by the City of Geneva at 50% of the cost per tree.


Launched in September, this pilot project is already generating keen interest from property owners and property management agencies. In addition to the environmental benefits of trees, the advantages of this project are numerous for property owners,” emphasizes Saskia Petit. “Firstly, the planting process is facilitated, costs are reduced, and it constitutes an active contribution to Geneva’s ecological transition and the fight against climate change. Property owners also benefit from creating synergies with various actors in the public sector and sustainable development, as well as highlighting their ecological actions.” To successfully implement this project, OneAction emphasizes the essential role of property management agencies. “They are the direct link with property owners and manage the courtyards and spaces. They also know each building and its surroundings perfectly. We have conducted initial visits with SEVE, and we have already identified about thirty plots, representing a potential of around 100 trees. We are actively working with the teams of Comptoir Immobilier, including CI Gérance, CI Copropriétés, CI Conseils, and CI Durabilité.

Tomorrow, Geneva will be green!




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