End of the 2022 season for the TF35

Events / sponsoring - 31 January 2024
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The final event of the TF35 Trophy 2022 took place from October 6 to 9 in Scarlino, Italy. Ylliam XII-Comptoir Immobilier finished in sixth place, securing the same overall ranking for the championship. The result may not fully reflect the remarkable progress of the crew throughout the season.


Nine races were contested in Scarlino for the final TF35 Trophy 2022 event; two on Thursday, two on Friday, and five on Saturday. Unfortunately, no regatta could be launched on Sunday due to lack of wind. The crews sailed in generally light conditions, although the winds were a bit stronger on Saturday. ‘We raced five heats on Saturday, more than half of the championship on the same day,’ said Billy Besson, helmsman of Ylliam XII-Comptoir Immobilier. ‘We remained competitive throughout the event, but some technical issues consumed part of our energy during this intense day. We regret not being able to race on the last day; we were left a bit unsatisfied, as we would have liked to fight until the last minute.’


Thierry Briend, mainsail trimmer, also noted the intensity of the event. ‘It’s the first time we’ve had so many races in one event. And it’s also the first time we’ve had five races on the same day. It’s very demanding both physically for the crew and technically for the boat. But it was a magnificent regatta to close the season.’


The rather weak conditions encountered during the races did not make it easy for the crew, which still needs to progress in light winds. ‘I would say that when the wind is stronger,’ continued Billy Besson, ‘the boat flies all the time, which smoothens the course of the races, especially in terms of maneuvers. We don’t use the gennaker, the angles are quite clear. In light winds, much more finesse and technique are required. One has to be more focused and sharper to find the right angles, to stay airborne. We are more comfortable when it blows.’ It’s worth noting that Ylliam XII-Comptoir Immobilier finishes sixth, tied in points with the fifth-placed Zen Too, illustrating how every detail can matter in the final ranking.


In terms of the season, Billy Besson remains satisfied despite the final result: ‘We had ups and downs, and quite a few small technical issues. But it’s worth noting that we made it to the podium in Mies, which is very satisfying. Especially since we are the only boat outside the top three of the season to reach the podium during a Grand Prix this year. The crew’s potential is there; we just need to consolidate it.’


However, Thierry Briend cannot be content with this ranking, which does not reflect the progress made during the season. ‘On paper, it’s obviously a bit disappointing. But it’s a bit paradoxical because compared to last year, our level has evolved a lot. Our victory at the Bol d’Or Mirabaud 2021 allowed us to be better ranked overall. But we see a clear progression in our level this year that is not visible on paper. We have a better understanding of the boat, we have made numerous updates, we fly faster and earlier. These points are very positive.’


As the crew of Ylliam XII-Comptoir Immobilier dismantles the boat to store it in its container and transport it to Switzerland, they are already looking towards the next season. A major winter project will be undertaken to prepare the catamaran for 2023. ‘We need to capitalize on the progress and ensure that we start from where we left off this year, work on areas for improvement. The boat is now three years old, and we will have to perform a thorough check. We have identified all the weak points and will work to strengthen them, resolve the small technical issues encountered this year, to be able to focus more on performance.’



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