Moillebeau 42-44

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Moillebeau 42-44, a project led by Comptoir Immobilier


Who are the players in the project?

The two owners of the buildings and land, Moillebeau Promotions SA and a private owner.

What is the project about?

Demolition of 2 buildings, aiming at the construction of 3 buildings.
Delicate project to implement since it was imperative to conjugate with the existing. These two buildings were occupied by 19 tenants, a veterinarian and a bakery. It was therefore necessary to rehouse the people affected by this demolition and ensure the continuity of the businesses involved.

In a few figures, the Moillebeau 42-44 project is:

  • 39 HM apartments from 3 to 6 rooms
  • 6 LGZD 6-room apartments
  • 11 PPE apartments of 5 to 6 rooms
  • 570 m2 of commercial arcades
  • Parkings
  • Delivery 2nd half of 2014

The role of our various specialist departments and services

Our Management Department did everything possible to rehouse the 19 tenants, some of them in buildings we manage, some through contacts we have with other management companies. All the tenants have found a new home adapted to their needs. Our Research and Development department, with the support of the Commercial department, has been working to relocate the two companies located in the arcade. For the bakery, negotiations for the allocation of an arcade in the building located on the other side of the street, which was under construction at the time (a project also managed by the COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER). The neighbourhood is delighted to have been able to keep the Emery bakery, a true local institution. At the same time, we accompanied the veterinarian in his efforts to temporarily relocate to a neighboring arcade and we have committed to relocate him to the new Moillebeau 42 arcades when they are completed.

The key dates:

  • 2004-2005: Steps towards the adoption of the Localized Neighborhood Plan (PLQ).
  • Late 2006: Adoption of the PLQ
  • Spring 2008: Entry into force of the PLQ
  • Summer 2009: Filing of the building permit and procedure of expropriation of easements
  • July 2011: Obtaining the authorization
  • Start of works: September 2012
  • End of work: scheduled for August 2014 (first and 2nd building) and December 2014 (3rd building)


In April 2012, the REAL ESTATE COMPANY offered the Latin School of Professional Firefighters the opportunity to train their new class in a real-life situation within these buildings slated for demolition. When the School’s management made its request, Le COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER immediately responded favourably after checking the feasibility with an engineering firm specialising in environmental and safety advice. This was the first time in years that an opportunity such as this had been offered.


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